We have been a family owned and operated company since 1981.

We can help with all of your steel and aluminum needs.

For all your


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steel fabrication



If you're looking for the aluminum products you need at a great price, we can help you find what you need.

When working with aluminum or steel, it's important to know the strength and properties of the metal. Our trained professionals know metal and have refined their skills and tools over the years to get a superior product every time. Work with us to find the product you need today.


We strive to provide the best aluminum and steel services in the Greater Detroit area, and we are working hard every day to ensure customer satisfaction. Our machinery and techniques are state of the art, ensuring that our products are sturdy and efficient. We offer great prices and fast work on custom orders, and keep a large stock of aluminum products on hand for your project needs.  

Professional custom aluminum work for you

- Angle: 1 inch to 18 inch

- Channels: 1 inch

- Beams: up to 60 foot long

- Sheets: 22 gauge to 11 gauges

- Plates: 3/16” to 1 inch

A wide array of aluminum products

Our aluminum products are lightweight and sturdy, and we make sure that every product is cut to specifications. We work with you to find the specific parts you need every time. Talk to our professionals today to find what you've been looking for.

Our aluminum products include:


-Pipe: ¼” to 16 inch

-Tubing: ½” square to 16” square up to 60 foot long

-Rectangular tube: 1” x ½”x 1”, 16” x 8” up to 60 foot long

-Expanded metal

-Rerod: 3/8” to 1“